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5 Things I regret Not Knowing Earlier

Dumb Dumb Le Chat

My cat looks sad, I wonder if pet can think about past and sense nostalgia.

I turned 25 this year, I refer myself as”old as a quater of a century” now. There’re 5 things that I regret not knowing earlier, and if I could have a time machine, I hope I’d make a change.

  • Do Things That Scare You The Most,they say.

I’m always frightened by the unknown, even if I really desire something,or someone,I’d hide my passion, my feelings, and hold it up to myself  as much as I could. It sounds chicken and stupid, but I bet, you’ve done this no less than I have. However, the older I get, the more comfortable I am with expressing myself and going for what makes me happy. Because no one is getting younger, if you don’t go for it, someone else will. Besides, I think, on those occasions ,you’d see, after trying for it yourself,even in an utterly stupid try, “Not that big of a deal,that’s that”.

  • Tell The Ones You Love That You Love Them/Tell The Ones You Hate That You Hate Them,I say.

You can’t change the things that others wronged you, yet you can’t be a bigger person to suck it up and forgive it,it’s okay. You have every right to do so.No one is eligible to tell you what you should feel. However,  if you love somebody, in friendship, in family, in romance, in this chaotic, messy, noisy world, love is all we have, dedicate it to your beloved ones,tell them you love’em and how, never wait it too long.If you do hate someone and you have a valid reason to do so whilst some patronizing others decide to lecture you about forgiveness chicken soups,I say, f’em. You call the shots.

  • Seize The Day.  

I fear that the mistake most people regret having made, is about missing the opportunity when it was on the table,ready for grab,for them. Time is so generous yet so mean. Everyone has non-refundable 24 hours a day, rich or poor.  Abuse it or save it as you need. If you don’t want those self-deprecating emotions to be trickling down your lovely face, seize the day , to learn, to love, to fall, to cry, to get up, to laugh,to end, to start over. Time is your friend, don’t turn time into an abso-shame-lute timeless enemy.

  • Put Yourself First.

No intention in encouraging anyone to be selfish or narcissistic, but I just simply don’t believe that anyone who doesn’t love him/herself will love someone else in the right way. I just don’t buy it. Putting yourself first means you can manage to know yourself adequately, to love yourself deeply, to care for yourself healthily, to take full control of the direction of your life. When you do, it’s the best condition to bring a positive impact on others in your life.

  • Throw Away The Past, Embrace Now.

You should throw away the past, mind it, not run away from the past, it’s very different. It’s nice to think about making time machines work( which I do every single day), but you can definitely benefit more from this current moment, the present, now. Because you’re truly alive, you function.

As I’d like to admit parallel spaces exist yet I can’t transfer from one to another. I guess, I’m stuck at this dimension. So if you’re, too, and you do find something that resonates with what you feel, I’m more than pleased to know that.

I might regret not knowing some things earlier but I’m excited to know this NOW:

“Yesterday is for the historians, tomorrow is for the visionaries, but I get the best, today is MINE.”


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